Why Invest in City Digital and why now?


The restaurant sector is going through a global transformation. There are new applications on the market that allow consumers to order food or reserve a table. However, installing all of these different applications on your mobile device can be cumbersome.

The Finnish restaurant discovery portal, Eat.fi, is popular, because restaurants, opening times, reviews and recommendations + additional services such as table reservation or home delivery, can all be found under one www address. Together with our local content and media partners, we collect the most top rated and popular restaurants and hidden gems.


EatAndTheCity is an interactive, AI powered white label restaurant discovery platform that allows users to discover and reserve eating experiences in their city.

The platform uses journalists, food critics, local users and food bloggers to provide expert unbiased reviews, feedback and recommendations on nearby restaurants, takeaways and eateries from trusted sources of information.

EatAndTheCity’s white label platform already collaborates with many leading companies in Finland and Estonia, with international media partners already signed up. Media and publishing companies are able to leverage their connection with local communities to generate new revenue streams. 

EatAndTheCity product is available for white label licensing (SaaS / PaaS).


The time for expanding operations is now.

A Potential Industry Sector For Growth

The market for eating outdoors is globally worth over $3,500 billion. World’s population is increasingly urban with more than half living in urban areas. (un.org/)

Why invest in City Digital?

  • A successful scalable operating model tested on a growing market

  • Highly experienced and versatile team and board

  • International experienced advisor-network

  • Strong growth and new deals, partners such as HereWeGo, Wolt and Bookatable (owned by Michelin Guide). Currently we hold the largest market share of the food industry in Finland, we are the market leader in direct bookings in Estonia and have had a successful market launch in Germany

  • Positive cash flow

  • Possible business risks that could have an impact on the international growth: further development of our technology and international marketing

  • In addition to this funding round, TEKES granted City Digital 344 000 € loan for the product development

  • City Digital’s CEO invests 100 000 € in the company on the same terms

  • We strive to increase our investors’ capital gain

City Digital Is Ready For Fast Global Growth

No Limits:

  • Our business is scalable – City Digital is ready for fast global growth
  • We have already locked down several agreements with global partners
  • Next, we expand to Germany, followed by the UK and the USA
  • Capital is being raised to widen the international distribution network
  • We aim to be represented in all the major cities
  • We are looking for publishers, TV companies, city / tourist information points, corporate intranets and bank loyalty programmes to cooperate according to our revenue model

The Revenue Model is Easily Scalable And Breaks Down As Follows:

  • Content partners (medias) and restaurants pay a monthly fee for using our tool
  • Additionally, we are rewarded for every single booked table, prepayment, gift card and food order that is made via our platform
  • The first German license agreement has been signed – this can tenfold our turnover
  • The potential global market share can 250x our turnover
  • In Finland, the total turnover of restaurants connected to our platform is ca. 320 Mio. €, for which we collect a fee of approximately 0,83 %

None of our competitors is working with journalists. We work directly with media companies and our passion is to help media companies innovate. We want to embrace local restaurant culture, and when it comes to the discovery experience we help the media to be first to know when there is a new restaurant, what is hot, and where locals go.


Brilliant Results

The figures speak for themselves – the number of pre-bookings and booked tables has increased by 50% during the first half of 2017. This kind of business based on continuous revenue is profitable.

Eat.fi has recently been renewed and an increasing amount of interesting restaurant data is available.


registered users / Eat.fi


added restaurants / Eat.fi

Increase in Recurring Turnover

Number of  Table Bookings

Increasing amount of restaurants yearly taking part in SYÖ! -weeks.

Quality and Ease of Use

Today’s consumers demand quality and ease of use. All local restaurants can now be found on one platform. 

Innovations for Digitalizing Media Sector with World's Leading Restaurant Discovery Platform

City Digital Oy

Digital Growth Media Holding Company


City Digital´s white label ja franchise -solutions

Helping media companies and publishers to become the single entry point to the restaurant ecosystem



Metacritics of restaurants

City Digital Restaurant and eCommerce -Solutions

Helping restaurants to reach new customers and serving old customers better and more personalized.



Table bookings



Finding restaurants

City Digital Media

For finding one-of-a-kind happenings and restaurants in the cities, locally. We tell stories and create phenomena around urban lifestyle



Legendary City -Magazine
since 1986

City Digital Marketing Tech and Ads

Helping brands and marketers to reach people publisher to monetize the media.



Advertising technologies, Ad and data network

Our Team

  • CEO of City Digital Ilkka Lavas has 25 years’ experience of startups, development of IT systems, acquisitions and successful change management. Lavas has detailed his knowledge about entrepreneurship and company reorganization in his book (Pysäyttämätön yrittäjyys) published in 2013
  • City Digital team consists of 40+ experienced digital foresight professionals
  • Board members: Ilkka Kiviharju (CEO, Crafthouse), Fredrik Rönnlund(Vaadin), Kati Riikonen (Google Finland from11/2017 on) ja ReniWaegelein (CTO, Veikkaus)
  • Advisors: Nora Kerppola (Media & Investor Relations at CapMan), John Nichols (Brand& UK market, Nokia), John Wilpers (Metro Magazine Boston EditorIn Chief), Atte Jääskeläinen (Yle) ja Heikki Rotko (MTV)

City Digital Funding Round

Time table:

2Meur, max. 2,499Meur.

City Digital´s CEO Ilkka Lavas / LavasDesign Oy invests 100 000 €

Our Vision – City Digital in 2022

We offer the largest database of local restaurant information in the world and the center of unbiased and trustworthy restaurant journalism. We are the first to introduce the best up and coming restaurants. We want our application to be the most widely spread, the most franchised and the most downloaded.

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