Promoting Constructive Dialogue Online – Suomi24 Participates in the Well Said Project

The Well Said project by Yle and the Timeout Foundation aims to reform Finnish discussion culture through constructive dialogue. Suomi24 is involved in the project by providing a platform where socially significant topics can be openly discussed.

Elevating Finnish Discussion Culture with the “Well Said” Project

The Well Said project is a five-year joint effort by Yle and the Timeout Foundation, striving to strengthen the best aspects of Finnish discussion culture and create safe environments for discussion. At the same time, it aims to enhance Finns’ trust and understanding towards each other.

An essential part of the project is the Timeout discussion method, which allows for dialogue both face-to-face and digitally. The method includes certain repetitive sections and employs the “Ground rules for a constructive discussion” as its tool.

The Well Said project also encompasses, among other things, an annual discussion festival. The project includes numerous partners, one of which is Suomi24.

Suomi24’s Role in the Well Said Project

Suomi24, Finland’s largest discussion platform, has been part of the Well Said project since 2021, offering both a technical platform and a safe space for dialogue. Suomi24 is a natural partner for the project, as societal discussion is inherently part of the service’s nature. 

The Well Said project is manifested in Suomi24 through various themed discussions. While Suomi24 has long hosted discussions guided by administrators and experts, the discussions within the Well Said project are even more purposefully structured. Each discussion includes a facilitator trained by Timeout, who guides the dialogue. Moderation is based on the Ground rules for a constructive discussion by Timeout, differing from Suomi24’s usual moderation practices.

The themes of the discussions are designed to evoke emotions and thoughts, even polarizing at times. In some discussions, experts have joined the Timeout facilitator. Topics have included discussions on public figures online and wolves in Finland.

Long-Lasting Interest in Discussions

The discussions conducted with the Well Said project have been announced in advance on Suomi24’s homepage and blog. The discussion takes place at a pre-announced time for a few hours, after which the commenting on the discussion is closed, but the discussion remains readable.

Suomi24’s community experts report that the discussions have been active and the quality of the dialogue has remained high. The discussions have also sparked interest afterwards, with old discussions still attracting a significant number of readers every day.

Suomi24’s community experts confirm that the organization of discussions within the Well Said project will continue actively. The calendar already includes numerous interesting themes and experts for 2024.

Towards Mutual Understanding

Suomi24 proudly participates as a partner in the Well Said project. The project does extremely important work in aiming for a more constructive discussion culture in Finland. Suomi24 is committed to providing a domestic forum where even challenging topics can be discussed meaningfully. Promoting societal dialogue and mutual understanding are important goals that should be cherished moving forward.