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We provide our customers digital solutions for...

City Digital White Label and Franchise solutions

We help media companies to become single
a digital entry point to the restaurant ecosystem.

EatAndTheCity white label restaurant discovery platform and franchise business


City Digital Restaurant eCommerce solutions

We help restaurants to reach new customers and to serve old customers more personalized.

Table Reservation

Restaurant Discovery

City Digital Media

We tell stories and create phenomena around urban lifestyle. We help people to discover awesome places and restaurants around the city.


Legendary City Magazine since 1986


City Digital Marketing Technologies and Advertisement
We monetize media with marketing and advertising. We provide our customers data-driven programmatic technologies for targeted advertising. We can target 3 M consumers and business owners by age, location, income, family size, behaviour and many unique data sets.

Working with top1000 brands and publishers we often hear many buzzwords like programmatic marketing, data driven marketing, data driven user experience and behavioural targeting, but most important thing is that we deliver advertisement that is relevant for readers and it works for brand.

Advertisement Technology, Ad & Data Network
City Digital Dev Labs

Digitalization requires Lean methods to build and measure new products. We help our customers to design, develop and to test new products and to develop their brands.

We continuously use lean startup build - measure - learn loop to transform ideas into successful businesses with over 1000 projects turned out successfully. 

City Dev Labs powered by W3 team

City Digital Accelerator and Strategic Investments

We help startups to reach new levels with our urban ecosystem and strategic investments. Startups are an important part and one innovation engine in our fast growing digital family.



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