Culture at City Digital

Our people are our top priority.

Although our group consists of very different people and businesses, all of our work is based on the same values.

Continuous development

We want to help our teams reach their full potential by providing interesting and challenging tasks. We value and support our employees’ desire to develop their own expertise.

Freedom and responsibility

It is important to us that our people have an impact on their tasks, innovate, and make independent decisions. As a balance to freedom, we require accountability for results.

Having fun

Although we take our work seriously, we always have a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, respects each other, and feels valued. We regularly have fun together as well.
Fun colleagues
Cool offices: in Vallila Helsinki, Kerava, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Tallinn
Cute office dogs
Shared electric bike and several shared exercise sessions

Responsibility at City Digital

Our strategy includes four areas of responsibility that are based on our teams’ values. We strive to promote responsibility in everyday decision-making. Additionally, we work together with various stakeholders and campaigns by donating media space, collecting donations from our service users, and sponsoring directly with financial contributions.

1. Health and well-being

Healthy lifestyle and well-being is important to us. We invest in our employees’ well-being by providing good occupational health services, bike benefits, and support for their sports hobbies. We have also made donations to Venner and Team Rynkeby, whose work promotes healthy living and well-being for all.

2. Reducing inequality and gender equality

We do not tolerate discrimination, we follow the principle of pay equality, and our office has zero tolerance for harassment. We value diversity and different backgrounds, which we aim to highlight in our recruitment processes. One way in which we strive to address inequality is by reducing loneliness, which is the mission of our dating service business.

3. Dignified work and economic growth

We believe that the profitability and growth of our companies create economic well-being for society and individuals. The well-being and development of our staff are key to strengthening our competitiveness. We aim for a healthy work-life balance, which is reflected, for example, in our extensive opportunities for remote work. We also believe that work belongs to everyone and regularly collaborate with the Niemikoti Foundation.

4. Environmental considerations

We participate in campaigns and engage in charitable activities to support climate values and sustainable development. Responsibility is also reflected in our consumption habits, where we strive to support local entrepreneurship and small businesses, for example, when choosing corporate gifts or dining places. We encourage reducing work-related travel, offset emissions from flying, and choose more environmentally friendly options when possible.