About City Digital

We are an innovative technology company that creates diverse digital solutions.
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Technologies and digital services that offer the joy of discovery and memorable experiences.

Our mission

City Digital’s mission is to improve people’s daily lives with innovative and useful digital services that offer inspiration, practical benefits, and unforgettable experiences.

Our roots

City Digital has grown from the legacy of the legendary urban magazine City founded in 1986. Although we started in the media industry, our expertise today focuses on technologies and digital services.

Our network

Our community includes talented professionals in Finland and Estonia, as well as a broad network of international partners. Together, we build entertaining technologies for everything from marketing and online commerce to diverse digital restaurant services.

City Digital Success Stories

TableOnline Customer Story: Young Hearts

The restaurant owner and chef of Young Hearts, Patrik, talks about the collaboration with TableOnline.

City’s Success Story: SYÖ! Weeks

SYÖ! Weeks is City’s legendary restaurant event loved by both restaurateurs and customers.