TableOnline Customer Story: Young Hearts

The restaurant owner and chef of Young Hearts, Patrik, talks about the collaboration with TableOnline.

TableOnline supports growth

Young Hearts, a restaurant founded in 2018, has recently moved to a new location near Töölöntori. The restaurant located on Runeberginkatu at least tripled its seating capacity with the move and moved closer to the fine dining category.

“I have never really thought about the restaurant’s genre specifically. Maybe I would say that this is an elegant comfort food restaurant,” says restaurateur and chef Patrik Lindström with a smile.

“Our thing has been that there is no specific thing”

At Young Hearts, a menu set is served. According to Lindström, this is meant to provide customers with ease of choice, consistency, and good wine recommendations.

“Our thing has been that there is no specific thing. We make food based on flavors and the bottom of the pot. It’s the kind of food that fine dining chefs would make for their friends at home,” Lindström quips.

Long-term collaboration

Young Hearts has used TableOnline since operating in its old location. With the move, the newsletter was an excellent way to inform customers of the new location and plans.

“Especially in this kind of situation, TableOnline has been an invaluable help. When customer numbers and demand grow, this helps keep the package together,” Lindström exclaims.

Two-way communication

TableOnline primarily serves as a reservation system for Young Hearts, but also as a customer contact platform. Customers can convey information to the restaurant, and the restaurant can easily communicate with its customers.

“Our waiters mostly use the system, but the kitchen also gets a lot of valuable, up-to-date information about customers, such as dietary requirements and other preferences,” Lindström says.

“The gift card shop was also quite busy, especially during Covid, and helped us move forward. Thanks to everyone for their support,” Lindström concludes.