Experiences working at City Digital

The employees of City Digital value, among other things, freedom, good opportunities for remote work, and a relaxed work culture. Read and watch the experiences of Elina, Jani, and Eetu.

Work that is goal-oriented, yet relaxed

City Digital is a Finnish group that operates several different business units. The most well-known are the Suomi24 websites, City and its SYÖ! weeks, as well as Improve Media, which does internet marketing, TableOnline, a table reservation service, Kokemuksia.fi, which is known for its customer experience videos, and Ratkojat, a website for crossword enthusiasts.

Interesting work and a pleasant working atmosphere

Elina Niskanen has been an Account Manager at Improve Media for four and a half years.

“I manage our B2B clients, I contact them and try to meet their needs and answer their questions,” Niskanen says.

Elina ended up at Improve Media through an open job search. As a junior account manager, she started straight after graduation and has enjoyed her job so much that she hasn’t even thought about leaving.

“People are probably the best thing here. It’s always nice to come to the office, the atmosphere is great. Everyone gets to be themselves, not to mention the interesting work,” Niskanen says.

Freedom is an important value

TableOnline is a Finnish restaurant reservation system and marketing platform. Jani Tohkanen, who works as an account manager, has been with the company for almost five years. Initially, after graduating, Jani applied for a job at Improve Media but ended up with TableOnline.

“We deal with a lot of restaurants. We focus on acquiring new customers, but we also spend a lot of time taking care of existing customers. We help customers get started with the systems,” Tohkanen says.

Initially, what interested Jani about TableOnline was that it was a solution sales job. Long customer relationships and customer care are at the heart of what they do.

“The biggest value for me in this job is freedom. I can decide for myself whether I work at the office or at home. There’s no set work schedule either. No one is watching over my shoulder to see if I work exactly 8 hours a day, as long as the work gets done,” Tohkanen says.

Both Jani and Elina mention the ePass lunch benefit and the company’s common Tahko cottage week in winter as well as cultural and sports vouchers as employee benefits. There is also teamwork outside of working hours. After-work events are organized at least on a team level, as well as company-wide summer days and Christmas parties annually.

Receptive work community

The newest unit of City Digital is Kokemuksia.fi, which was acquired through a business acquisition this past summer. Kokemuksia.fi produces high-quality customer experience and employee stories in both video and text formats.

“I am the sales director at Kokemuksia.fi. We help new and existing customers use endorsers. I’ve worked with the concept before, and now with the business acquisition, I started here as a sales director,” Eetu Kohvakka says.

Kokemuksia.fi employees were transferred directly to City Digital, and Kohvakka thanks how well the new members have been received in the company. Support and help have always been available whenever requested.

“Definitely the best part of working at Kokemuksia.fi is the great team and good product. The work culture, however, is very relaxed, and we try to spend time together whenever possible. You spend so much of your life at work that it’s enjoyable to do it with pleasant people and interesting job tasks,” Kohvakka sums up.