Workplace Well-being at City Digital: Evidence-based Information about Job Satisfaction

The results of the 2023 job satisfaction survey emphasize the appreciation of employees, trust, and the development of skills. Read how we invest in well-being at City Digital!

The annual City Digital summer party was celebrated at the Vallila office.

At City Digital, we constantly strive to improve our working environment, where we utilize, among other things, the results of our annual job satisfaction survey. In 2023, 87% of our staff responded to our job satisfaction survey. The survey gave us valuable information about what we can do even better and what things we should hold onto.

Trust, Appreciation, and Collaboration

The overall result of the survey was 4.03/5 for the entire group, which is 1.1 points above the industry average. The result tells the same story we knew from previous surveys: employees at City Digital companies enjoy their work a lot more than average.

The part concerning one’s own work was 3.98, and the responses to different questions tell us that our staff feels that they have opportunities to influence their work and they feel valued. This is very important to us because we believe that appreciation and the ability to influence are key to job satisfaction and productivity.

The overall result of the work community’s functionality was 4.09. We have an appreciative atmosphere, and responsibility is carried together. Supervisors’ actions received even better results, 4.29. The responses indicated that our supervisors are easily approachable, fair, and trust their teams.

In the areas of skills and renewal, as well as performance and resources, we also received good grades, 3.82 and 3.96. The results can be interpreted to mean that our staff feels competent in their current tasks and believes they will maintain their work ability in the future as well.

Areas for Development: Skills and Renewal

The survey revealed that our staff would like more momentum for the development of their own skills and renewal.

We have paid special attention to this and raised the issue in discussions with our companies’ teams, talking about training opportunities and sharing knowledge. In addition, we have launched a new concept in our group: monthly information sessions. This way, we share our expertise on important topics with all staff.

The satisfaction of our employees is a matter of pride for us. Our goal is to continue to develop our work environment so that each employee finds our workplace comfortable and inspiring.

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